Google Adsense Verification in Nepal [2020] Helpful Information

Google Adsense Verification in Nepal

Introduction To Google Adsense

The program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience is known as Google Adsense. These ads are maintained by Google.

Unable to verify your AdSense account & receive your 1st $100 from AdSense?

You’re not alone, as AdSense users from several countries face a similar state of affairs thanks to mailing problems
If you are unsure of what I’m talking about, here it goes AdSense sends you a Pin once you have reached your 1st $10 threshold in your AdSense account.

This AdSense pin is unique for every AdSense account & they send it via courier to the mailing address that you have mentioned while creating an AdSense account.
Usually, AdSense sends your Adsense Address Verification PIN by standard mail after a few days of reaching the verification threshold.

Are you obtaining difficulties with the delivery of AdSense Pin? PIN verification is obligatory for the Address Verification of your AdSense account. Here is that the address verification threshold for varied countries:

You’ll have four months from the date your initial PIN is generated to enter it in your account.

If you haven’t entered it once four months, AdSense can stop showing ads on your pages.

You have to attend for per week once your account balance reached the verification threshold for a PIN to be generated and mailed to you.

PINs generally take up to four weeks to achieve you by mail, though it’s reaching to take longer depending on your location.

If you’ve not received your PIN once four weeks, you’ll need to request a replacement one.

to go looking out the date once you’re able to request a replacement PIN, log in to your account and contemplate the Account Settings page beneath the house tab.

Note: All the sent PINS are same of the primary pin send you.thus even though you’ve got received the primary pin when requesting a new one, you can use the primary PIN to verify your address

Usually, thanks to the location (Especially if you’re residing within the remote a part of your country), you’ll not receive AdSense pin even when reapplying for AdSense pin.

I even have detected reports of the many such incidents myself, which is once I started trying to find various ways of AdSense address verification.

Acceptable types of ID
Government-issued ID card: The image should show your recipient name and address as they seem in your AdSense account.

Bank statement, phone bill or rent receipt: If the communication address in your account is totally different from the address displayed on your ID card, or your ID doesn’t give data concerning your address, you’ll be able to conjointly make sure your address by providing a picture of a financial statement, phone bill or rent receipt displaying your recipient name and communication address because it seems in your AdSense account.

Google Adsense Verification Without Pin

How to fill-up the form to get the address verified without PIN?

Google Adsense Address Verification
Google Adsense Verification with out PIN

CLICK ON “this form

When you click on the link to open the form,You will get Form as mentioned below.

google adsense address verification without PIN
Google Adsense verification Without PIN Form

You will have to fill in the following details:

  1. Name: Enter your name as mentioned in the Adsense Account
  2. Contact Email Address: Enter you email address where the verification status mail needs to be sent. This should be the email address on which Adsense Account is registered.
  3. Your Adsense Publisher ID: Enter your Adsense Publisher ID. You can find this in Settings->Account->Account Information
  4. Submit an attachment: Upload scanned copy of Government ID document. This should have the same address which is mentioned in the Adsense account.

That’s it. Submit the form and wait until your address is verified by Google.Google Adsense verification might take 2-3 days. So, you need to have patience.

The confirmation mail looks something like this

20200612 153212
Google Adsense verification

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Google Adsense Verification

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