What is Hosting ?

What is Hosting ?

The right hosting for your new blog is vital. You need a first-
class reliable service and you also need fast and efficient
customer support.
(If you have hosting already and you are satisfied with it,
you can ignore this advice).

The service I recommend is the one I’ve been using
exclusively for over 3 years. It’s low cost, has everything you
need and support is second to none, always at hand 24/7
via live chat, ticket or phone. It’s also worldwide.
The plan I recommend is the ‘Grow Big’ plan. This plan is
suitable for growing your blog to 25,000 visitors a month,
which is plenty to begin with (you can upgrade to a bigger
package any time). It’s also suitable for hosting multiple
Additionally, the Grow Big plan gives you priority support
over the ‘Basic Plan’.
When you get to Step 2, you will have two options.
Option 1 – ‘Register a Domain’. Choose this option if you
have not purchased a domain already.
Option 2 – ‘I Already Have a Domain’’. Choose this option if
you have already purchased a domain


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From this point on in the course, you will need hosting in
order to follow the training.
In the next lesson, I will show you how to connect your
domain name to your new hosting account.

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