101 Shortcuts of Excel Explain(Master in Excel)

All Shortcuts of Excel Explain

To become superfast in Excel, your hand should be fitted well on the keyboard. Now to sfit on the keyboard that is to have good command on the shortcut keys, and this is why 101 Shortcut Keys.

Ctrl + E – Flash Fill

Ctrl+Page Up/Down: Move to the previous or next worksheet

Shift+Left/Right Arrow: Extend the cell selection to the left or right

Shift+Space: Select the entire row

Ctrl+Space: Select the entire column

Ctrl+Shift+Space: Select the entire worksheet

Home: Go to the leftmost cell in the current row (or go to the beginning of the cell if editing a cell)

Ctrl+Home: Move to the beginning of a worksheet

Ctrl+End: Go to the most bottom right used cell

Page Up/Down: Move one screen up or down in a worksheet

Alt+Page Up/Down: Move one screen to the right or left in a worksheet

F8 : Exntend Selection

Ctrl+W  / CTRL + F4: Close a workbook  (Alt + Space + C)

F4: Repeat the last command or action. For example, if the last thing you typed in a cell is “hello,” or if you change the font color, clicking another cell and pressing F4 repeats that action in the new cell.

Shift+F11: Insert a new worksheet

Ctrl+Z: Undo an action

Ctrl+Y: Redo an action

Ctrl+N: Create a new workbook

Ctrl+O: Open an existing workbook

Ctrl+S: Save a workbook

F12: Open the Save As dialog box

Ctrl+ P: Print / Print Preview

F1: Open the Help pane

F7: Check spelling

F9: Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks

Alt + V + Z : Zoom in / Zoom Out

Alt or F10: Turn key tips on or off

Ctrl+F1: Show or hide the ribbon

Ctrl+Shift+U: Expand or collapse the formula bar

Ctrl+F9: Minimize the workbook window

F11: Create a bar chart based on selected data (on a separate sheet)

Alt+F1: Create an embedded bar chart based on select data (same sheet)

Ctrl+F: Search in a spreadsheet, or use Find and Replace

Alt+F: Open the File tab menu

Alt+H: Go to the Home tab

Ctrl+Tab: Switch between open workbooks

Shift+F3: Insert a function

Alt+F8: Create, run, edit, or delete a macro

Alt+F11: Open the Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications Editor

Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow: Move to the farthest cell left or right in the row

Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow: Move to the top or bottom cell in the column

Tab = Goto the Next cell  & Shift+Tab: Go to the previous cell

F5 or CTRL + G: Go to any cell by pressing F5 and typing the cell coordinate or cell name.

F2: Edit a cell

Shift+F2: Add or edit a cell comment

Ctrl+X: Cut contents of a cell, selected data, or selected cell range

Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert: Copy contents of a cell, selected data, or selected cell range

Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert: Paste contents of a cell, selected data, or selected cell range

Ctrl+Alt+V: Open the Paste Special dialog box

Alt+Enter: Insert a hard return within a cell (while editing a cell)

F3: Paste a cell name (if cells are named in the worksheet)

Esc: Cancel an entry in a cell or the formula bar

Enter : Complete the Formula / Paste Content if already copied

Alt+H+H: Select a fill color

Alt+H+B: Add a border

Ctrl+Shift+&: Apply outline border

Ctrl+Shift+_ (Underscore): Remove outline border

Ctrl+9: Hide the selected rows

Ctrl + Shift + 9 : Unhide Rows

Ctrl+0: Hide the selected columns

Ctrl+1: Open the Format Cells dialog box

Ctrl+5: Apply or remove strike through

Ctrl+Shift+$: Apply currency format

Ctrl+Shift+%: Apply percent format

Ctrl+Shift+#: Apply Date format

Ctrl+Shift+@: Apply Time format

Ctrl+Shift+!: Apply Number format

Ctrl+Shift+ ~: Apply General format

Ctrl+ ‘ : Copy Above Content to Fill below

Ctrl + D = Fill Down

Ctrl + R – Fill Right

Ctrl + F3 = Name Manager 

Ctrl  + F10 = Restore Window or Alt + Space + R   

Alt + Space + X – Maximize  or Ctrl + F10 – Restore 

Ctrl + F9 – Minimize  / Alt + Tab – Maximize / Switch

Ctrl + F11 – Insert Macro Name Sheet

Ctrl  + F12 = Open Dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + F1 – Hide Tab and Ribbon

Alt + V + U – Full Screen

Ctrl + Shift + F3 – Create Names from Selection

Alt + H + W – Wrap Text

Ctrl + Shift + Page Down / Page up – Select All Sheets to the right / Left

Ctrl + ; – Insert Date

Ctrl + Shift + ; – Insert Time

Ctrl + T – Create Table or Ctrl + L 

Alt + H + O + R – Rename Sheet

Ctrl + H – Replace

Ctrl + K – Hyperlink

Ctrl + Shift + {  – Select all cells which involved in selected formula 

Ctrl + Shift + }  – Select Formula cells where selected cell in included  

Ctrl  + Shift + A – Insert Argument Names into a Formula

Alt + A + T – Apply and Remove Filter


ALT + = : AutotSum


CTRL  + ~ = Show and Hide All formulas from sheet

CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER – Create Array

Alt + A + Q – Advance Filter

 Alt + H + O + I – Auto-fit Column Width

Alt + H + FP – Format Painter

Alt + H + E + F – Clear Format

Ctrl + + – Insert Column / Row

Ctrl  + –  = Delete Row / Column

Alt + I + R – Insert Row

Alt + I + C – Insert Column

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